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eWallet - Secure Information In Your Pocket

Software Reviews - By: pdaBlast! Staff - January 24, 2006

eWallet is a program by Ilium Software, designed to keep your sensitive information in a secure place on your PDA. Way back when I bought my first Casio organizer I realized that keeping sensitive data on my organizer was a must, but was also a risk. When I purchased my first Palm Pilot I was disappointed to find out that there was not a good way to keep sensitive information on it. The same was true when I purchased my first Philips Velo Windows CE device. I could lock the entire device, but then I'd have to enter a password everytime I powered up. What a pain.

Enter eWallet. eWallet makes it easy to store your sensitive information in a graphical environment that uses strong encryption (RC4 encryption algorithm, with a 128-bit key) and password protection. There's really not much to learning how to use the program as it is fairly straight forward. The idea is, you have a wallet (you can have more than one), and in that wallet you store information about your credit cards, passport, serial numbers, etc. I was very impressed to see a long list of categories that Ilium has included in the program. They've pretty much covered all the bases with this list of possibilities:

The complete list includes:

  • Bank Account
  • Calling Card
  • Car Info
  • Cellular Phone
  • Clothes Sizes
  • Combination Lock
  • Contact
  • Contact Lens Prescription
  • Credit Card
  • Driver's License
  • Email Account
  • Emergency Numbers
  • Free Form
  • General Purpose
  • Health Numbers
  • ID Card
  • Insurance Policy
  • Internet Setings
  • Lens Prescription
  • Library Card
  • Membership Info
  • Note Card
  • Passport Info
  • Password
  • Picture Card
  • Prescription
  • Serial Number
  • Social Security Number
  • Software Serial Number
  • Voice Mail Info
  • Voter Card
  • Web Site

As you can see, you can store basically anything you want in your wallet. So, let's backup and see how the program works. When you first start the program you are greeted with the password screen. You can have a numeric or alphanumeric password. I would recommend using a combination of both. Simply enter your password and you're in. (A note here for new users. When I first installed the program it asked me for a password and I failed to realize that the default was 123. It is in the documentation, but I overlooked it so just keep that in mind.)

Once you're in the program you can setup your wallet. You simply add new cards to your wallet and enter the information for each card.

You can arrange them in categories, and can even have more than one wallet if you want. It's all very straight forward. You can lock the entire wallet, or just lock a category. They've made this program really simple to use it's almost laughable. Every option is right there and easy to find. Once you enter your information you'll have a list of cards that are easily accessible.

Once you access your card you'll see the information you stored as is shown by the picture on the top of this page.

The thing I really like about eWallet is Ilium has made it very easy to customize your wallet. You can pick different colors for your background, insert pictures, and even have sounds played when you open different cards. I had to laugh at how complete this software is. I mean, if they're giving us the options to add pictures and sounds to your sensitive information, they've really covered all the bases. These things are obviously not necessary, but they add a nice touch.

Every card has several fields of information that you can enter for each card. The basics like card number, expiration date, etc., but they also include a Notes area. This is very helpful because you can add additional information that you want to attach to that specific card. You might put customer service phone numbers or even a log of when you talked to that credit card company last. Let's say you want to keep track of a disputed charge for your Visa. You can simply keep a log in the Notes field for your Visa card. That's pretty handy.

When you purchase eWallet, you have the option of paying $10 more to get a desktop companion software. With the desktop software you can enter your data on your desktop, then sync it all down to your PDA. This makes eWallet very easy to use as you can use your desktop keyboard to enter your data.

I'd say eWallet is a must have application for your PDA if you plan to carry any sensitive information. It's secure but most of all it's easy to use. It sells for $29.95 and you can purchase it right here at pdaBlast!.

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    What more can I say. This must have application definitely gets the pdaBlast! Top Pick Award!

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